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Improve your interior design with this Talavera Moon. Suitable for large rooms. It will capture the attention of everyone with its original design. This Talavera moon wall decor piece will make a great gift or brighten up your own home or patio. Back of moon has hang holes for easy wall mounting. All of our Talavera accessories are handmade and hand painted by Mexico's talented potters. We are factory owners, not resellers. We provide wholesale prices as well as retail. Come and checkout our Retail and Wholesale prices.Don't forget to look at our other products like talavera pottery, talavera plates, talavera animals, talavera frogs, talavera salamanders , talavera iguanas, talavera horses, talavera monkeys, talavera masks, talavera vases, talavera birds, talavera suns, talavera pigs, talavera roosters, talavera turtles, talavera butterflies and more.


The Most important day will be wonderful.
The Most important day will be wonderful.
March 13

One of our best moments was in the wonderful town of San Miguel de Allende, that's where our wedding organized and made detail everything and left us thoroughly impressed, organized from the photographer, the flowers, the decor, the dance floor , music, etc.. And since we arrived in San Miguel de Allende had all the time in the world to relax and enjoy our family and friends to share this wonderful occasion. They started from the best service at our wedding and stay, the most important day of our lives was wonderful, never forget this magical place of San Miguel de Allende. Get ready for the biggest day of his life in our Spa, which provides facials, manicures and pedicures, hair and makeup.

Differents kinds of food around the city.
Differents  kinds of food around the city.
February 11

Around the streets of San Miguel in most of them located especially in the city center, you can find a number of restaurants.
Think dishes of San Miguel is a complicated affair, the history of the city makes the local cuisine is dotted with international flavors. Restaurants there are many kinds, if it comes to Mexican food you can find from Oaxaca to local snacks, creating a mixture of northern food with touches of platitudes and good quality ingredients.
The settlement here of many people from France, Italy and the U.S. has led to food places Cajun or Creole, the most popular of this type is the Hank's New Orleans Cafe & Oyster Bar, which annually celebrates carnival in New Orleans, closing the streets and invite everyone to participate in this event in the heart of Guanajuato.
Another recurring culinary style San Miguel is the Italian cuisine from pizza to fine dining dishes, as in the case of Bella Italia restaurant, where the chef prepares their own interpretations of risotto, saffron incorporating different combinations, or pasta with ink squid.
Undoubtedly international and fusion cuisine are good representatives, and there are also proposals for high-flying Mexican food. In several of our Luxury hotels will have excellent food, starting in our Boutique Hotels (B & B) which will offer an excellent breakfast or simply attend the restaurant of one of the hotels to enjoy different types of food, if you want to live a full dining experience, this hotel has Sazon, where you can live a full cooking class, from going to the market, to pairing your Mexican dishes with excellent wines.

City Colonial and Cosmopolitan

City Colonial and Cosmopolitan

San Miguel de Allende, the heart of Mexico city for its beauty, tradition and culture attracts tourists world's most sophisticated city where took place the most important events of our freedom and gave soul and identity to Mexican city colonial and cosmopolitan than most demanding connoisseur only visit to enjoy the hospitality of this beautiful city. In central Mexico, San Miguel de Allende is virtually the only place where you will find English spoken so massively that you will not have to learn how to say two words in this beautiful language. If the rest of central Mexico looks interesting then you are going to have to get bilingual and learn to speak Spanish. Come and practice your Spanish find the best place, know new people who can help you practice your new lenguaje. You can rent a villa here, while your Stay and go to the library or the Principal garden to find and know new friendly people who can help you practicing and learning new words.

San Miguel De Allende
San Miguel de Allende Mexico has never felt better I have seen some perfect days but today is just a smashing day to live in Mexico.
Casa Schuck is beaming with beauty.
Thank you to the team of Allende mexico and and Ole Ole Marketing for helping us to make it to the top.



Lovely Mexican hand crafted and hand painted Talavera Moon with a face wall decor. This style of folk art pottery of crescent moon is scarce. We have several mesuraments.

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